Slow Web Browsing? Switch to Google Chrome

by Joe Kraynak on July 13, 2011

I have satellite Internet, which isn’t the fastest broadband on the planet, anyway, but I’ve had all sorts of problems with Internet Explorer. If I open several tabs in Internet Explorer, eventually, I start getting tabs on which the pages don’t load. I also get some very quirky behavior when I try to author blog posts in WordPress; for example, I can’t use the mouse to move the insertion point, I have to use the arrow keys.

I tried Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome, and based on my experience, Chrome is the winner, by a long shot. So if you’re having speed issues or are experiencing problems with Internet Explorer, give Chrome a try: Download Google Chrome.

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Router Stuck on Acquiring Network Address

by Joe Kraynak on May 31, 2010

I just changed routers from a Netgear to a LinkSys. One of my computers found the wireless network but could not connect to it. It was stuck on “acquiring network address.” If I chose to repair the connection, I would get the message “renewing IP address,” but the system seemed unable to renew the IP address. The computer would connnect to the router fine with a LAN cable.

What fixed the problem for me was to remove the wireless Netgear entry from my computer (PC running Windows XP):

  1. Click Start, Settings, Network Connections.
  2. Right-click the icon for the wireless network and click Properties.
  3. Click the Wireless Networks tab.
  4. Below Preferred Networks, click the entry for your previous wireless router.
  5. Click Remove and confirm the removal.

What happens, it seems, is that the wireless network entry for the previous router prevents Windows from renewing or releasing the IP address it was using so that IP address can be reassigned to the computer. By deleting the entry, you release the IP address and Windows can renew it for the new router.

If you try this solution, please post a comment to let me know whether it worked for you.


Novell Groupwise Remote Login: Your Login Is Not Current Please Login Again

May 25, 2010

My wife was having trouble logging into her Novell Groupwise account at her school from home. When she tried to login, she kept getting this error message: Your login is not current. Please login again. I tried clearing the browser cache as some have recommended elsewhere, but that didn’t help. The solution for us was […]

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Windows Live Mail All Accounts in One Inbox

May 21, 2010

I have four email accounts. In Outlook Express all my email would pour into one Inbox. Very convenient. In Windows Live Mail, incoming mail for each account ends up in its own Inbox. Very inconvenient, at least for me. If you’re like me and you want all your email in one place, here’s what you […]

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Recover Lost E-Mail Attachment After Editing It

April 9, 2010

You opened an e-mail attachment from Outlook Express, edited it, and saved it. When you go to open it, it’s gone—nowhere to be found! You’d just spent hours editing that file, and it has vanished without a trace. To avoid this from happening to you, always save file attachments before opening them to make changes. […]

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Can’t Access Shared Network Folder in Windows

March 24, 2010

I have a small home network of three computers. Today, I could not access a shared folder from one of my computers. I could see the shared folder, but when I clicked its icon, a dialog box appeared requesting my username and password. If I right-clicked the shared folder and clicked Properties, I received the […]

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Troubleshoot Slow Internet Connection

January 5, 2010

Recently when my satellite Internet connection slowed to a crawl, I assumed it had something to do with the satellite. I called Wildblue. The technician ran a check, informed me that the signal was weak, and advised me to check for snow or ice on the dish. The dish was clear, so the technician assumed […]

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Turning Off Touchpad Tap and Drag on Acer Aspire

December 3, 2009

I’m not a big fan of touchpads, but I do use the touchpad on my Acer Aspire when I forget to bring a mouse along or am too lazy to plug it in. One thing that almost drove me mad about the touchpad on the Acer Aspire is the Tap and Drag (Click and Drag) […]

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Convert docx Files

December 1, 2009

If you received a Microsoft Word document from a colleague or friend and can’t open it, it’s probably because it’s a docx file — the default file format starting with the release of Microsoft Word 2007. If you try to open the file in an earlier version of Word, you probably get a dialog box […]

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Acer Aspire Netbook Review

November 10, 2009

Recently, I purchased an Acer Aspire One to accompany me on a trip to Europe. I needed a computer to keep up on my daily email, update my blogs, and do a little writing on the road, and I didn’t want to have to lug around a hefty laptop. About the length and width of […]

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