What They Won’t Tell You About Satellite Internet

I just saw a commercial for HughesNet pitching the benefits of satellite Internet over dial up. I use WildBlue as my satellite Internet service provider. I live out in the boonies, where we don’t have DSL or Cable. Even wireless Internet via Sprint Wireless and other telecoms is unavailable where I live. I basically have two choices – 56Kbps dial up or satellite.

The commercial for HughesNet pitched the idea of switching from dial up to satellite. I wouldn’t recommend that option. I suggest keeping your dial up connection. Why? Because whenever you have a storm or thick cloud cover, you can say good-bye to your satellite connection. Last week, I spent an entire day using my AT&T dial up connection because the cloud cover kept disconnecting my satellite connection.

Satellite Internet is great when it works. It’s no replacement for cable or DSL, but if your only other option is dial up, then satellite is an attractive option. I just wouldn’t recommend dropping your dial up service.

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