I have satellite Internet, which isn't the fastest broadband on the planet, anyway, but I've had all sorts of problems with Internet Explorer. If I open several tabs in Internet Explorer, eventually, I start getting tabs on which the pages don't load. I also get some very quirky behavior when I try to author blog [...]

I love Google, but I think I love Post-It notes even more. I'm constantly writing lists and sticking them on my desk, the bottom of my monitor, and the walls on either side of me. Unfortunately, the notes sometimes peel off, and I end up losing track of what I'm doing (or should be doing). [...]

100 Tips About Google?!

When I first came up with the idea to write Google Simplified: Top 100 Tips & Tricks and pitched the idea to the editors at Wiley, the first response I received was, "That might be a good idea, but where are you going to find 100 tips on how to use Google?" I hung up [...]

Explore Google

Most computer users know how to "google" topics and people to find information, but Google offers a huge selection of cool tools and features that most people never even realize exist. I encourage you to explore Google when you have some free time. Visit Google at, click the more option, and then click even [...]