I just changed routers from a Netgear to a LinkSys. One of my computers found the wireless network but could not connect to it. It was stuck on "acquiring network address." If I chose to repair the connection, I would get the message "renewing IP address," but the system seemed unable to renew the IP address. [...]

I have a small home network of three computers. Today, I could not access a shared folder from one of my computers. I could see the shared folder, but when I clicked its icon, a dialog box appeared requesting my username and password. If I right-clicked the shared folder and clicked Properties, I received the [...]

Network problems can be caused by all sorts of things, including aggressive firewalls, a faulty network installation, and even a defective or disconnected cable. Recently, however, I stumbled across a problem that didn't respond to the usual solutions. Everything was installed properly and even without any firewall running, I couldn't connect to other computers on [...]