I just changed routers from a Netgear to a LinkSys. One of my computers found the wireless network but could not connect to it. It was stuck on "acquiring network address." If I chose to repair the connection, I would get the message "renewing IP address," but the system seemed unable to renew the IP address. [...]

You opened an e-mail attachment from Outlook Express, edited it, and saved it. When you go to open it, it’s gone—nowhere to be found! You’d just spent hours editing that file, and it has vanished without a trace. To avoid this from happening to you, always save file attachments before opening them to make changes. [...]

If you received a Microsoft Word document from a colleague or friend and can't open it, it's probably because it's a docx file -- the default file format starting with the release of Microsoft Word 2007. If you try to open the file in an earlier version of Word, you probably get a dialog box [...]

This post assumes you have an HP network-capable printer connected to a router with a LAN cable. Instructions for wireless connections and different types of printers may vary, but the overall approach should apply to most home networks. Some time ago, I did a post entitled "HP Network Printer Going Offline," in which I provided [...]

Network problems can be caused by all sorts of things, including aggressive firewalls, a faulty network installation, and even a defective or disconnected cable. Recently, however, I stumbled across a problem that didn't respond to the usual solutions. Everything was installed properly and even without any firewall running, I couldn't connect to other computers on [...]

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