I encountered a nagging problem with all the Windows PCs on my network. Sometimes, they’d run just fine. Other times, they’d slow to a crawl. What used to take only a few seconds for my computer to accomplish would now take several minutes. During my research, I found that several other people encountered similar problems. [...]

When I was writing Deconstructing Golden Tee LIVE, I interviewed several game designers who all told me the same thing – users go through a period during which they resist change before they embrace it. I’m wondering whether the same thing is occurring with Windows Vista. Many die hard Windows XP users I’ve talked with [...]

Whenever I encounter a problem in Microsoft Windows, the first place I turn to is Microsoft’s Knowledge Base – an incredible resource for articles on troubleshooting and correcting problems in Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft programs. To access the Knowledge Base, take the following steps: Fire up Internet Explorer or whichever Web browser you use. [...]

If you still use the Maximize and Restore buttons in the upper right corner of a program's window, you probably waste a lot of time trying to get the mouse pointer positioned precisely over the desired button, especially if you're using your notebook PC's touchpad. Did you know that you don't have to use those [...]