I've used several digital photo management programs over the years, including the ones included with my digital camera and my printer. All of these programs have functioned to some degree of mediocrity. Recently, I downloaded a copy of Picasa and took it for a test drive. I was pleasantly surprised. After I installed Picasa, it [...]

This post assumes you have an HP network-capable printer connected to a router with a LAN cable. Instructions for wireless connections and different types of printers may vary, but the overall approach should apply to most home networks. Some time ago, I did a post entitled "HP Network Printer Going Offline," in which I provided [...]

Network problems can be caused by all sorts of things, including aggressive firewalls, a faulty network installation, and even a defective or disconnected cable. Recently, however, I stumbled across a problem that didn't respond to the usual solutions. Everything was installed properly and even without any firewall running, I couldn't connect to other computers on [...]

In this series, I’ve been teaching the basics of making a combination website/blog using Bluehost, WordPress, and Thesis. Here’s what I’ve covered so far: In Part I: Starting with Bluehost, I showed you how to open a Bluehost account, register your own domain name, and install WordPress. In Part II: Changing the Look and Layout [...]

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