Many problems can cause a slow or unreliable Internet connection, including the following: Lousy Internet service Firewall or too many firewalls Defective Ethernet adapter Router problem Ethernet adapter speed setting Corrupted communications Overloaded DNS (Domain Name Server) If you're running a PC with Windows XP, I encourage you to check out a troubleshooting piece that [...]

In my previous post, "Make a Website, Starting with Bluehost," I showed you how to sign up with Bluehost, register your own unique domain name, set up an email account on that domain, and install the WordPress blogging platform. With WordPress, you can instantly begin posting content on the Web and establishing your own Internet [...]

Blogging software has become so sophisticated that most people no longer need complicated and expensive website creation and management tools to build and maintain a Web presence. In less than 30 minutes, you can register your own domain name, install the blogging software (also called a blogging platform), make a few tweaks to the design, [...]

Starting a few weeks ago, whenever I would try to play a YouTube video, it would play maybe a quarter to a third of the video, and then stop. Clicking my browser's Refresh button didn't help, so I tried clearing the cache - the temporary files Web browsers store that often cause problems. That didn't [...]

In my previous post, "Converting Text to a Table for a Mail Merge," I showed you how to transform a list of names and addresses into a Word table in preparation for a mail merge. In this post, I show you how to complete a mail merge to place the names and addresses from that [...]

My wife came home from a high school reunion planning meeting with a list of addresses she was to send invitations to. During the meeting, the 150 addresses were divvied up among 5 people to reduce the workload of having to manually address so many envelopes. When I heard of this and saw the list, [...]